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Brand introduction


"Brand introduction":

OWEN KELLY(“欧文凯利”in Chinese)
A brand with unlimited innovation and classic quality
Technology, thought and future are the brand soul of OWEN KELLY.


OWEN KELLY inherits the Germany producing sprite of seriousness and rigorousness.
Every kind of products integrates in the research personnel’s inspiration, and every processing procedure is carved exquisitely by the craftsmen of OWEN KELLY.

Because of the reason above, the products of OWEN KELLY is famous for their exquisite appearance and excellent quality. With years of accumulation, OWEN KELLY, in the field of automatic system and fluid controlling, has grown into a professional supplier mainly studying the mid-top-grade actuator and control valves, and technology-service company which provides the matching products of various kinds of control valves and pipelines system.


The superior products of OWEN KELLYare control valves with dozens of series, such as control valves,rotated valves (ball valves, butterfly valves), solenoid valves, and so on. In order to serve the customers in China area and blind in the harmonious culture of China, the brand Germany holders ofOWEN KEELY authorizes their partner of China to set up the OWEN KELLY AUTOCONTROL VALVES (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD, building the R &D and technology service center, which can provide the imported products, the composite products of imported and domestic parts, and domestic products according to different needs from different customers.

Choosing OWEN KELLY, is to choose a global company with rich researching innovation,excellent producing ability, mature international application, and completed service experience. From there, you can get the strongest support and fullest service.


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