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As an enterprise with responsibility, we promise that we will constantly protect and develop
the environment and improve personnel’s professional health and ability. We commit:

■ To comply with all the regulations and laws related to the environmental protection and professional health;

■ To satisfy with the needs of customers on environmental protection and professional health;

■ To improve the environment; lower the resource consumption and waste relief; use the raw materials of safety;

■ to promote the green design and clean production, providing the safe and green products to the market and customers.

■ To adapt to the positive and safe management model, preventing the accidents from happening;
■ To constantly improve the industrial safe and sanitary conditions in the process of production, providing a healthy and safe working environment;

■ To review and perfect the safe regulations of environment and professional health to make it fit for the developing goal, becoming the organized parts of the strategic plans;
■ To trainee all the personnel to make them more responsible for the environment, safety and health;

■ To publicize the conception of environment, safety, and professional health among suppliers;

■ To share such policy on environmental protection and professional health with the public.  

IntheOWEN KELLY, the continuous development makes our innovation more meaningful.

Our biological blueprint is the main driving force to realize this vision.


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Personnel development

“To provide the optimal platform and help them realize the dream” is one of the core values.

OWEN KELLY builds a wide platform for personnel to grow up and realize their dream.

Under the spotlight of technology and global talented strategy, everyone is the main role for in the career.

In OWEN KELLY, each personnel has the opportunity to release the power of their own and teams to change the world;

in the meanwhile, relying on them, OWEN KELLY creates a series of “World Record”.

Therefore, OWEN KELLY regards the personnel as the biggest finance, providing them with the competitive salary and safe working condition.

OWEN KELLY recruits the staff in public, and put them in the most suitable position.

In order to encourage the personnel to recommend the qualified candidate, OWEN KELLY sets up the award of “Talent scout”.

OWEN KELLYalso sets up the specific funds for training and future study. The excellent staff has the opportunity to study aboard.

OWEN KELLY makes another return mechanism of attraction and competition, which is share incentive.

When you agree with the value conception ofOWEN KELLY andmake your own contribution,

then the return you get will surprise yourself.

Our responsibility

We strengthen the cooperation with local government, community representative and social welfare organization,

which is good for raising our responsibility sense.


The citizen and organization strategy of OWEN KELLY displays our consciousness of environmental protection,

innovative development, lift healthy and safety. Our capability must reflect and be replied in the new market and new industry.

These areas are our critical factor on the increasing of future business, becoming the significant component in the citizenorganization strategy.

OWEN KELLY insists on the business mortal of honesty and integrity, looking forward to improving the life quality of citizen, personnel and investors.

Meanwhile, our responsibilities also include joining and supporting the social charity, helping the poor and drop-off children, which are both our focus and our responsibility.


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