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Hardening furnace



    1 main boiler feed water control valve
    The regulating valve is used to ensure that the boiler has enough water to produce steam. Boiler feed water control valve must meet such as the percentage of characteristics, in order to compensate the boiler feed water pump and
    Difference in flow characteristics of boiler.
    2 boiler auxiliary feed water control valve
    This valve must be able to effectively control the pressure and cavitation conditions, and reduce the wear and tear caused by harsh conditions. This valve is usually designed to flow capacity
    Smaller, equipped with hardening treatment, multi-level valve parts, and the main boiler feed water control valve installed in parallel.
    3 burner control valve
    Burner control valve to adjust the gas or fuel oil into the fuel unit. In the natural gas situation, the control valve can maintain the natural gas in the set flow
    Quantity characteristics and noise reduction function. In the fuel oil situation, this control valve can be the burner nozzle of the inlet pressure is always kept constant.
    4 boiler drain valve
    This control valve can be quickly opened, in a short period of time to achieve the boiler. Valve parts must be able to withstand the pressure differential, which brings the operation condition of cavitation and abrasion
    Such condition. Valve seat surface is easy to wear, so we recommend that you install a cut-off valve.
    5 start control valve
    Normally, when the boiler starts, start control valve through the muffler steam into the air. Because the steam expands when the pressure suddenly drops.
    Section valve is usually asymmetrical shape.
    6 boiler soot blowing control valve
    The inner wall of the heat exchanger in the boiler is blown through the steam to optimize the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler. To achieve this, boiler soot blowing control valve must be in a very short period
    Time to respond, and the steam was sent to the soot blower nozzle.
    7 air preheating control valve
    Air pre heating control valve by controlling the steam into the preheater, so as to control the temperature of the air inside the burner.


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