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Company dynamics
发布时间: 2015 - 08 - 11
The Eighth China (Qingdao) International Pharmaceutical Chemical Science and Technology Expo will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 25, 2015 -27.By then,OWEN KELLY Will bring more than 20 kinds of top intelligent control valve products debut exhibition.  OWEN KELLY In this exhibition booth No.: Hall 3 GT1-2, booth area of 36 square meters, will focus of the products on display GV series pneumatic control valve, GV series electric control valve, gas pneumatic valves, electric valves, pneumatic electromagnetic valve, pneumatic angle seat valve ...
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发布时间: 2015 - 06 - 10
In 2015 June 9 to 11 days, the Sixth China (Owen Kelly , booth: T9) as a walk in the coal chemical industry equipment and technology frontier well-known control valve manufacturer, in this exhibition has attracted much attention, the display the latest patent product "intelligent control valve is a bright spot in the audience.    Owen Kelly  as a control valve in the field of technology leader, is timely for the industry to make its due contribution, a few years ago has coal chemical industry and the new field of energy has made breakthrough practical applications...
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发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 25
"The League of love, let love travel" how sweet words, it will lead you into a heart out of the ordinary classroom. Owen Kelly automatic control valve (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. of every employee have opportunities to participate in learning by the global Chinese entrepreneurs organization mind trip, here let us open heart blooms. Let us work hard to accept everything. Here, students dust laden for a long time the heart is gradually opened, a spiritual shock, a tearful, embraced again and again, again and again the passion surging... Here, we can like actors, roles, experience different li...
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发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 25
Last week, Owen Kelly, the company will be part of the management staff sent to the new word hotel in Shanghai to participate in the 3 days of the Chinese entrepreneurs love alliance organization for a period of 2 days and nights of "love Alliance - the success of travel" learning courses. Course content: now the enterprise to want to keep the best state of development, make oneself in an invincible position, two crucial factors: 1, intelligent and capable, can the management class; 2, full of high performance team cohesion and team spirit.Through the learning and training of all sta...
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发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 25
March 3, 2009, the company general manager and international trade department director was invited to attend the Federation launched the "Sino US entrepreneur's strategic partners and cross strait economic community forum" promoted by the world Chinese business, meeting in Shanghai Tomorrow Square California conference hall held.Conference hosted by the Shanghai television station and Taiwan TV's two famous show host, the forum invited nearly 200 domestic and foreign industries, the field of outstanding entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers to attend. Including international brand ...
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