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Timely, enthusiastic service, rich experience, the user's high praise, is a solid foundation for our success.


How to get service

1, telephone consultation service

Dear customer, you can call our service phone 0086-21-51085668, 18917875668 from Monday to Saturday (8:30~17:30).

2, the use of questions or fault repair service

You can use three different ways to my request: call our phone services, fax, online warranty registration, please you must truthfully provide or produce the following information: product of the purchase date, serial number, product name, product model

A faulty product or component that is clearly readable on the label or label.

A clearly readable original purchase document (such as a contract, invoice) or its true copy

Warranty period

1, normal guarantee period

Direct to the company's purchase of products shipped from the date, the main parts of the product warranty period is one year; products on vulnerable parts (such as seals, springs, coil) guarantee period of six months.

II from a dealer or distribution to buy products the main machine parts guarantee period to distributor shipped from 13 months since the day of one year or the product from the company's factory. This both terms to maturity shall prevail; product vulnerable parts (such as seals, springs and coils) guarantee period for half a year.

2, special guarantee period

VIP customer warranty period, in addition to the enjoyment of the provisions of the unified warranty period, but also enjoy the company's provisions of the VIP customer warranty period of service.

Long-term cooperation agreement customer, contract guarantee period customer, its guarantee period according to both sides agreement, contract written agreement content.

Special customized non - standard products or low-cost treatment of promotional products, warranty period to ensure that the starting date of the first half of the year.

3, the guarantee period of renewal

Dear customer, when your normal warranty or special warranty expires, you can still choose us to provide you with the continuation of the paid service.

Within the limits permitted by the Chinese law, the guarantee period will not be extended or renewed due to the subsequent resale or maintenance of the products, or is affected by other factors. However, the repaired parts shall be guaranteed within the remaining period of the original warranty period, or shall be guaranteed within sixty days from the date of the maintenance.

Relevant statement

1, the warranty period is not applicable to the scope of the warranty

Not in accordance with the "manual" or the manufacturer to provide relevant information, guidance for storage, installation, commissioning, maintenance, use or improper operation, resulting in damage or defects;

The use of working conditions parameters beyond the product "manual" or the customer and the manufacturer agreed in writing on the scope of the contract or damage;

Failure or damage caused by the dismantling, modification or replacement of parts or accessories of other manufacturers without the authorization of the company;

Repair the client fails to provide product name, number, purchase date, document or product label sign damage that cannot be identified as belonging to the company's products.

The customer or not due to anthropogenic causes of failure or damage caused by force majeure;

There is listed the relevant provisions are not all complete, "manual" in the content can be regarded as a supplement.

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