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1, before installing the valve, should remove the dirt in the pipeline, welding, debris, embroidered skin or other debris.

2、When possible, the valve should be installed in the upright position, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the valve. Vertical installation is also very important for low temperature applications, so that the sealing packing can be isolated from the working fluid, allowing the packing temperature to be close to the ambient temperature.

3、 Sufficient over the top space must be provided to allow the valve plug to be removed from the valve body. Remove the top space required for the valve.
4、Sufficient over the top space must be provided to allow the valve plug to be removed from the valve body. Remove the top space required for the valve.

5、if you need to weld the valve to the pipeline, must pay special attention to prevent excessive heating of the valve.

6、Connecting gas source and control signal (air or MA) line. The regulating valve is provided with a positioning device which has two input interfaces: one is air source interface and the other is control signal interface. Actuator and positioner are suitable for 10bar within the gas source. Where the gas source pressure is not more than 10bar. In the gas source is not clean, dry occasions, should be installed before the air filter. So as not to damage the division filter pressure reducer, and all the joints must be no leakage.

Note: for a valve with air filter, the filter must be installed down to make the valve operating normally.

Two: before the start, pre commissioning and maintenance installation values
1、 Open and close the valve, observe the position of the nut and the connection with the stroke indicator. Valve plug should be smooth, linear change position.

2、 Properly change the control signal to check the full stroke: the electro - pneumatic positioner signal is 4 - 20 MA (mA).

3、Check all gas connection, should not leak.
4、When the gas source is in trouble, the direction of the valve failure or failure must be correct. This can be checked by shutting off the gas source and observing the direction of the fault.

Note: every six months, at least once a technical maintenance. Can be carried out when the valve does not remove the pipeline, and sometimes can also run online.

1、Look at the end of the flange and the valve body gasket leakage signs. Tighten the bolt connections for the flange and the valve body (if necessary)

2、Check the corrosive process of smoke or leakage caused by the damage of the valve.

3、Clean valve and repainted for serious oxidation sites.

4、Check the tightness of the bolted connection parts of the sealing packing box. Packing nut should be tightened to a slightly higher than the degree of tightening of the finger, but as long as you do not leak can be.

Note: do not over tighten the sealing packing. Otherwise, it will make the sealing packing wear too much, and increase the stem friction, may hinder the movement of the valve plug.

5、If the valve is equipped with lubricator, check the lubricant supply, need to add lubricant.

6、When possible, open and close the valve, check the stability of the whole trip operation. If the stem movement is not stable, it may indicate that there is a problem within the valve.

Note: the use of graphite sealing packing, the valve stem movement is not stable, it is a normal phenomenon.
7、Must ensure that the connecting rod mechanism of the valve position controller is firmly connected to the valve stem. If the connection nut is loose, the engagement of the connecting thread should be checked.

8、Make sure that all the accessories, support and bolt connections are firmly

9、When possible, turn off the gas source and observe the correct failure safety action of the actuator.
10、In the implementation of the outer ring of the diaphragm, the adjustment screw seal in the vicinity of the liquid soap, check the leakage through the diaphragm.
11、Remove dirt and debris from the valve stem.

12、If equipped with air filter, then check the filter, need to be replaced.


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